Tea has been an antidote since the Shennong era. Chinese people have been studying herbs for more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, most herbs were treated as homologous to eat or cure.

That's why the Founder had made Health King®️

we combined Tea and Herbs to reach you the best result we offered


History Story

First TCM functional formulas Line in the U.S Market. From the start in 1994, Health King Herb Tea received an overwhelming response from satisfied customers. It's the first full range of Herbal Supplements products line based on Time-Tested Thousands of years the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both Herb Tea and Herb Tablets produced at own Gluten-Free & HACCP facility. 

Our Mission

Health King®️ had studied TCM had over 40 years, our mission is to build the most effective and tasty functional formula for nowadays lifestyle.

Each cup of herbal tea you enjoyed contains the wisdom of 5,000 of years.

What makes 
So Special
  • Health King® Has Been Trusted & Enjoyed by Customers Since 1994

  • The Company is owned by the Su Family, specialists in Natural Herbal Remedies

  • Based on Authentic Traditional Chinese Herbalism Formulas. 

  • Made with Hand-Picked & Natural Grown Premium Quality Herbs

  • Natural Jasmine Flavor

  • No Additives

  • Triple Toxin Screening: 1.Pesticides, 2.Heavy metals and, 3.Toxic mold

  • Third-Party Test

  • Vegan

  • Gluten-Free

  • Non-GMO Certificate

  • No Yeast, Lactose or Sweeteners

  • Herb Tablets made of the high pure extract from 100% Natural Herbs​​

Check Below PDF for more detail about our products

Herb Teas
Herb Tablets 

To build the most effective and tasty functional formula for nowadays lifestyle.

by Health King®️ Founder


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