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Since 1994

Sugar Controller Herb Tea | Maintain Healthy Sugar Level

Sugar Controller Herb Tea | Maintain Healthy Sugar Level

  • Enjoy foods while our Sugar Controller Tea supports your blood sugar
  • Helps keep your body's sugar levels in check
  • Dive into TCM secrets with our herbal tea for sugar balance
  • Offers a helping hand in maintaining urine sugar levels
  • Celebrate feeling stable with our crafted tea for consistent blood sugar
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  • 30 days returnable refund policy
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Steep 1-2 tea bags in boiled water for 3-5 minutes or add ice for a chilled tea beverage. To adjust the level of flavor you can steep the tea longer or shorter based on preference. As a medicinal herbal tea, we suggest reusing each tea bag until the water is colorless to ensure optimal benefits from each bag.

Recommended 2-3 servings per day


Mulberry (leaf), Cassia Seed (seed), Seabuckthorn (leaf), Polygonatum (root), Prunella Vulgaris (stem & leaf), Atractylodes (root), Scrophularia (root), Green Tea (leaf), Jasmine (flower)


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Secret of Our Blends? Let's Break It Down

    • A Blend Rooted in Time-Honored Tradition for Supporting Sugar Balance
    • Aims to Support Healthy Glucose Metabolism with a Trusted TCM Formula
    • Aids in Supporting Natural Blood Sugar Balance
    • Supports Management of Urine Sugar Levels for Overall Health
    • Celebrated for Its Positive Impact on Blood Sugar Stability
  • What is Sugar Controller Herb Tea?

    Embark on the journey to support balanced blood sugar with Health King Sugar Controller Herbal Tea. Inspired by the age-old wisdom of ancient herbal practices, this tea is specially crafted to support healthy glucose levels. With a history of positive reception for its role in blood sugar management, this tea stands as a trusted aid for those seeking natural support in glucose regulation. Discover the harmony of a formula that aligns with your body's natural health needs, providing a holistic approach to managing blood sugar.

  • How is Health King differents?

    With years of experience and a deep passion for herbal remedies, we are not just a business; we are herbal enthusiasts. Our in-depth knowledge of herbs, their properties, and their applications allows us to curate a selection of products that are not only effective but also tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking a natural solution for a specific ailment or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, our expertise ensures that you find the right herbal solution.

  • Mulberry Leaf

    At the heart of this blend is Mulberry Leaf, valued for its potential to support the regulation of blood sugar levels, thanks to active constituents like chlorogenic acid and quercetin. Abundant in essential vitamins and minerals, Mulberry Leaf supports glucose metabolism, laying the groundwork for balanced health.

  • Cassia seed

    Complementary ingredients such as Cassia seed, Seabuckthorn leaf, Polygonatum root, Prunella vulgaris, and Scrophularia root are integrated for their supportive role in blood sugar management. These herbs, with their flavonoids and phenolic acids, are understood to support and foster insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. Together, these elements form a holistic remedy that resonates with the body's natural rhythms, laying a foundation for wellness and balanced glucose levels.

Questions?We have answers!

What are the benefits of Sugar Controller Herb Tea ?

  • Help Control blood sugar: Herbs like Cassia and Atractylodes are believed to help control blood sugar levels, helping diabetics maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Help Reduce Diabetes Symptoms: Some ingredients will help reduce symptoms associated with diabetes, such as thirst and excessive urination.
  • Help Reduces inflammation: Herbs such as Prunella Vulgaris and Scrophularia are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce inflammation and improve inflammation-related conditions.
  • Antioxidants: Ingredients like sea buckthorn leaves and jasmine flowers are rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage and protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Help Improves digestion: Ingredients like knotweed root and green tea may help promote digestive health and improve food metabolism and nutrient absorption.

However, individual reactions may vary, and you should seek medical advice if you have diabetes with other health conditions.

What is Mulberry leaf used for?

 Mulberry leaf is an effective tool to help regulate blood sugar levels due to its active compounds, including chlorogenic acid and quercetin. In addition, the plant also contains vitamins and minerals which can help improve glucose metabolism.

When is the best time to enjoy sugar controller herb tea?

We recommend savoring our tea after your meal for a delightful experience!

When Can I Expect Results? Managing Diabetes with Our Tea?

If you're managing diabetes, you can expect to notice changes after one month of regularly consuming our sugar controller, which corresponds to completing one cycle. We recommend completing at least three cycles for optimal results. Consistency is key, so integrating our tea into your daily routine is vital to help maintain stable sugar levels.  If you have a medical condition, take prescription drugs (including blood thinners or insulin), or are having surgery, consult your healthcare professional before incorporating our teas into your daily routine.

Who should be mindful when drink it?

Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing. Children should refrain from consumption.