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Functional Formula 

Based on 5,000 Years Wisdom

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Sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol are the most common health issues in the world. Check out our *Signatures.

Seasonal Immunity

To ease stress and normalize your bodily functions. Check out our adaptogen, focused herbal blends to help you throughout the seasons.

Balanced Lifestyle

Our herbal blends help to balance your body's health inside and out. Great for everyday use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1994

We Focus on Herbs.

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Why Health King?


All Health King functional formula

herb teas are based on time tested 5,000 years of the wisdom of traditional Chinese herbalism. 

For Nowadays

Adding tasty jasmine green tea or "top 10" quality black tea. To have the best herb formula without bad smell. 

Wild Herbs

80% wild herb.

Choose local herbs from correct latitude.

Why we choose wild grown

Wild Grown

  • Higher effective substance

  • Clean without Pesticide

  • ​Nature grows

Farmed Grown

  • Heavy metals

  • Pesticide 

  • Low effective substance

Meaning of Four Colors


Since 1994

Relief- Your Lifestyle

Support+ Your Lifestyle

Balance= Your Lifestyle

100,000+ Real Five star reviews

Herbal Energy Genuine Health



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