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Thank you for your interest in the Health King®️ Wholesale Program! Joining our program is simple. Just take a few minutes to fill out the form below.

Our wholesale team will review your application and respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding this form or qualification, please email our team at

How will you sell Health King®️ products?
What is your primary business focus?
Upload Your Business License & Tax ID
Upload Resale License if applicable

Health King®️ Wholesale Terms of Service

Authorized Resellers shall not sell or distribute the Health King®️ products (a) to other wholesalers, distributors, or other resellers; (b) through third-party websites (e.g. Amazon); or (c) by using drop-shipping or other similar selling practices. Further, Authorized Resellers are prohibited from, either directly or indirectly through third parties, selling or distributing Health King®️ products through auction services (e.g. eBay), multi-level marketing, pyramid selling, network marketing, referral marketing, or similar selling practices.

Thanks for submitting!

***Friendly Reminder for Check Out :  Add 6 or 12 units and using promo code below will auto deduct 1 or 2 units
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