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GastroEase Herb Tea | Balance Gastric Acid & Digestion Health

GastroEase Herb Tea | Balance Gastric Acid & Digestion Health

  • Build Healthy Bacteria
  • Stabilize PH Levels
  • Balance Digestive Juices
  • Promote Healthy Bacteria in Gut

Help to stabilize pH levels, reduce inflammation, and encourage digestive juices to flow for better gut health with Health King®️ GastroEase Herb Tea. Our herbal tea is made from dark roasted Wild Millet, Astragalus, and Perilla Leaf from clean Northeast China and other beneficial herbs. Enjoy a tasty and comforting drink while benefiting from a traditional Chinese remedy help to balance gastric acidity and improve digestion.

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  • 90% Wild Herbs
  • Artificial Free
  • Sugar Free


Steep 1-2 tea bags in boiled water for 3-5 minutes or add ice for a chilled tea beverage. To adjust the level of flavor you can steep the tea longer or shorter based on preference. As a medicinal herbal tea, we suggest reusing each tea bag until the water is colorless to ensure optimal benefits from each bag.

Recommended 2-3 servings per day


Wild Millet (roasted seed), Astragalus (root & leaf), Perilla (leaf), Chinese Yam (tuber), Codonopsis (root), Seabuckthorn (berry & leaf), Atractylodes (root), Black Tea (leaf)


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Secret of Our Blends? Let's Break It Down

Gastric Acid & Digestion Health

  • Roasted Wild Millet can help balance gastric acid. It is known to help reduce inflammation and stimulate the production of digestive juices, which can help with digestion. Additionally, Wild Millet has a high fiber content, which can help absorb excess acids in the stomach. Finally, it also helps to promote healthy bacteria in the gut, which can help stabilize pH levels and reduce inflammation.
  • Perilla can help with digestion health in several ways. It helps reduce inflammation and strengthen the digestive system, which can help improve digestion and reduce upset stomachs. Additionally, it can help improve appetite, reduce nausea, and help with indigestion.
  • Seabuckthorn is believed to be beneficial for gastric health. It has a high Vitamin C content, which can help protect the stomach lining from corrosive acids and reduce inflammation.